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Will My Smartphone App Succeed?

June 6th, 2011 by Doug | Posted in Smartphone Apps

I saw this article recently that shares some very interesting statistics on smartphone application downloads and sales metrics. The article’s title is, “Why is it harder to make money on Android than on Apple’s iOS”. I think that the metrics have broader implications as your non-profit or for-profit company considers a smartphone strategy.

Taking a look at the top line numbers for downloads you’ll see that the top 6 apps on iOS reached at least 500,000 downloads while on Android only the top 2 had exceeded more than 500,000 downloads. Another telling metric is that there have only been 26 different applications in the top 10 free and paid apps on Android and 94 different applications in Apple’s App Store top 10 free and paid. Given that there are well over 250,000 applications on Apple’s App Store it’s easy to see that competition is fierce to get a significant number of consumers to download your application.

Thinking about the costs to develop an application,achieving positive ROI on a direct revenue basis is incredibly difficult soit’s important to understand the rational to invest in the app channel or risk disappointment. Do you have high-value customers that appreciate the quality experience an application can offer? Do your customer or supporters want to connect with you on a frequent basis? Is there content that must be accessible even when there is no data connect? Will your brand visibility increase with an application? These are all good reasons to enter the application market. Just make sure you set expectations accordingly and you’ll be happy with your results.

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