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Mobile Trends and Implications for Digital Business

August 13th, 2012 by Doug | Posted in Digital, Smartphone Apps, mobile marketing

Mobile Trends and Implications for Digital Business

The latest edition of Chetan Sharma’s, “Mobile Data Market Update Q2 2012”, is out and I encourage you to check it out.  It’s available at www.chetansharma.com.  The implications for the importance of mobile to any company that conducts digital business are fundamental for planning your digital survival strategy.  That’s reality, not hyperbole.

In his summary, Mr. Sharma concludes that, within the next 3-5 years, companies that derive much of their value through digital business that are not doing the majority of their digital business on mobile will fail.  If anything, 5 years is probably too generous of a time horizon for this change to take place.  The good news here is that with big changes come big opportunities so once we get over the initial fear and denial we can plan and execute.

Over the next 3-5 years consumers will increasingly reach for smaller screens so why not optimize your web site for tablets and smartphones?  Will a single web site designed around a tablet experience work well on smartphones and desktops?  What about applications?  What do your customers really want?

Winning digital strategies will not only consider all of these things but also consider how mobility can fundamentally change the nature of the relationship between the customer and the business.  Simply creating your brand extension to mobile is not enough.  We’re already seeing the huge impact on retailers like Best Buy where consumers shop but bring out their smartphones to buy.  It’s not enough for Best Buy to create a “me too” commerce site.  It needs a better consumer experience for it’s mobile customers.

This theme of creating a better consumer experience applies to many businesses; including non-profit businesses.  It is simply not going to be enough for you repurpose current digital ideas over to mobile.  Winners will do the hard work and create something new.


Douglas Gardner

Jump Market Strategies LLC